Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sustainable Policy in Brazil

In this and this post I mentioned that governments in Brazil on local and federal levels are facing problems in relation to poverty only in unsustainable ways. I need to make an addition to this comment. Yesterday president Lula announced a governmental program (PAC) that will invest in the infrastructure of the country on several levels to stimulate development. This includes the slums, that have already become shadow states out of reach of the government. Lula´s comment:

"If the state doesn't fulfill its role and does not provide (adequate) conditions for the people, drug traffickers and organized crime will."

It seems that an alternative will be provided for poverty and violence to the slum dwellers. It provides sustainable development in addition to the repressive police actions and the Zero Hunger program, which can only be considered as temporary programs to bridge the current situation, while building on structural solutions.

Looking at the site It seems to be an ambitious program. Let´s hope it will not appear to be too ambitious.

More: BBC, Reuters

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