Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Cansei – I am tired – is the name of a new movement in Brazil that came into existence on July 26th. It was initiated as a reaction to the country’s worst-ever airplane disaster of TAM flight 3054 at Congonhas Airport, São Paulo on July 17. The movement is an initiative of the Sao Paulo branch of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-SP), the organization established by the constitution to test and certify Brazil's lawyers.

Cansei demands accountability for everything that is wrong in Brazil, from the failing air traffic control system to street children to corruption at every level to the shadow narco states in the favelas of the big cities. The movement claims not to be political. Though largely a movement of individuals the Brazilian subsidiary of Holland's Royal Philips Electronics decided to join the group on July 27. August 17 a rally will be held on the square of Sé Cathedral in the center of São Paulo, as well as at the crash site at Congonhas airport and a number of other places throughout the country.

Addition: Critics say Cansei is an elitist movement and does not represent the people. This was reflected in the little enthousiasm that was generated for the rallies as stated above. Let's see if the movement will be able to increase its supporter group.

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