Sunday, August 5, 2007

Creative Commons Brazil

This is a video about the Creative Commons movement in Brazil. Creative Commons is about a new interpretation of copyright, about "some rights reserved" rather than "all rights reserved". This way, creativity and development should be stimulated. Interesting detail is that Bill Gates renamed the movement 'Creative Commies', referring to the communists and inherently saying that sharing is a dead ideology. In Brazil they apparently don't agree to this point of view. Minister of Culture and pop star Gilberto Gil of the current government is backing the initiative and donated some of his songs for free use and sampling, and Brazil adopted the open software model for all governmental institutions, as I already mentioned here.

I already gave to attention to the subject here.The content of this blog is also free to reuse under some restrictions, which are explained when clicking on the Creative Commons logo to the right.

The video is about the Creative Commons movement in Brazil and provides a quick introduction into the activities of the organisation.

For more information check the Creative Commons wiki, or the official Creative Commons website.

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